Why Join the VTOA?

The VTOA regularly circulates a membership list of active members to the Vanuatu Hotels and Resorts Association (VHRA), the VTO and Department of Tourism.

If a business appears on  our membership list, VHRA/VTO/DoT know we have checked insurance documents and business licences and have them on file, and also that these businesses are contributing to the TMDF.

Through an agreement with VHRA, only members who are on our list may have their brochures displayed at hotel/resort tour desks. (Please note that membership does not guarantee your brochures WILL be displayed).

VTO marketing activities, participation events and buy-in opportunities are only open to businesses contributing to TMDF. Currently only  a few associations such as VHRA, ESTA (Espiritu Santo Tourism Association) and VTOA guarantee their members are regular contributors; consequently VTO deals mainly with these associations.

As D.O.T. reforms its certification process starting in 2018, the new process will require more involvement  from selected tourism associations-and VTOA is one of 5 selected associations.